Artist Profile

Mr. B.B. Raghavendra has been working with this style since 15 years, understanding its traditional values, improvising on its ancient techniques, modes of drawing and propagating this form of art through teaching and exhibiting his works. A recipient of many prestigious awards including State Award and Mysore Dasara award.

Mysore traditional paintings are created according to the rules and customs followed since decades. But Mr. B.B. Raghavendra stands apart in his creation of painting in this style.

He has expertise the technique and style in such a manner that he express his new ideas and experiments very rapidly within the frame of traditional style and achieves his uniqueness. If we observe keenly his works, we can find the new architectural forms, realistic images, anatomical perfection including 3 dimensional figures, highlighting the subject and its feeling. While most of the artists are isolating the painting itself, Mr. B.B. Raghavendra is trying to abridge the traditional and modern painting without compromising in Mysore traditional style.

He has started a new kind of approach and perception through his unique expression. He has long way to go to achieve his goal, for which he should be encouraged. Let us do it first.

The feedback

He welcomes all suggestions. Any correspondence can be done through his e-mail account i.e.,

Award : 2004 - 2005
Award : 2007 - 2008